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Keep an eye on Social Networking

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

We have now created a FaceBook page and Twitter account to help provide information about prosthetic eyes. Both social media outlets will be updated regularly with these blog posts and any other news from our office.

For a long time, we have been looking for a way to connect patients with each other in a way that was appropriate, easy and in the patient’s control. We have finally found what we believe is a excellent way to do this! By becoming a “fan” of our FaceBook page, you will have the opportunity to contact others who are interested in ocular prosthetics.

Through our FaceBook page you can:

  • Connect with others who are interested in prosthetics
  • See photos of patient results and also post your own photos or videos!
  • Ask questions about prosthetic eye care, concerns, or anything related to coping with vision loss
  • Place a review of Erickson Labs Northwest
  • Be kept up to date on the newest advances and happenings in our lab and with other prosthetic wearers

Join us NOW:


We hope you will become a fan today of our site and add some thoughts or photos or videos and connect with others!