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Eye Power Kids Wear: empowering kids who wear glasses, contacts and eye patches.

Friday, October 25th, 2013

scott never give up600

“Eye Power Kids wear creates t-shirts to make patching and glasses fun for kids and adults! We want all kids to be proud to wear glasses and patches because they are all little super heroes. We created Eye Power Kids Wear because of our son Scott who was born with a congenital Cataract. He wears a contact, glasses and patches each day and we want him to grow up a happy little super hero proud of who he is.”

“There are so many kids out there that they hate to patch, and it’s a struggle everyday, and now they want to put on their patch in the morning because their patch gives them ‘superpowers.’”

Jessica Butler
Eye Power Kids Wear

We are so excited to share this great website with you. I saw my first patient come in 2 weeks ago wearing her eye power t-shirt, she was so brave and so excited! Here is an article about the work Jessica and her company are doing, desert news.

Free Wife Eye

Friday, December 7th, 2012

A patient brought this in this week…

Free Wife Eye
(For a largerized version of this cartoon, click on any eye patch.)

Should You Wear An Eye Patch After Surgery?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Many patients have inquired about wearing an eye patch during the recovery period after an enucleation or evisceration surgery. A clear conformer is worn during this time until the tissue swelling has reduced enough to be fit with the final ocular prosthesis. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks after the surgery until the swelling reduces and the final prosthesis can be made. During this time, patients have worn eye patches, bandages, placed stickers or tape on their glasses or worn sunglasses. In general, we want to make sure the swollen tissue has the opportunity to heal as quickly as possible. This usually means leaving it uncovered whenever possible. Having a fabric or paper eye patch covering the socket can promote swelling, as the patch can act like a humidifier. We recommend that if a patient chooses to wear an eye patch, they remove it when possible to allow the healing to continue quickly. And, of course, you should follow all directions of your surgeon or medical provider.

Ultra Suede Eye PatchesWe have been carrying ultra suede eye patches for several years now on our website. These patches are constructed with very soft and durable ultra-suede material and velcro enclosures. These patches have been very well received by our patients. Customers online have also wanted us to carry more colors and sizes of these excellent eye patches. We now carry five colors in the adult eye patches and 4 colors/patterns in the child sizes. Feel free to check out our eye patches.