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Wedding Photos

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

We couldn’t resist posting these beautiful photos from a patient who recently got married. She is such a stunning and beautiful bride. Love the bold colors and festivity!

Here is what the bride had to say:

“I wanted you to see your handy work in my wedding photos. No one could have ever known that I have a prosthetic eye. Because of you I felt so confident and beautiful on my wedding day.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!”

Local camp gives blind kids a chance to learn tennis

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Blind Tennis CampKomo 4 News played this story last month about kids that are blind, but are learning tennis at this camp run by a local high school girl! Check out the full story on Komo News.

King 5 News Story on Artificial Eye Patient

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Over the last couple of months, a crew from our local King 5 News has been following a patient through the process of having her eye removed and getting fit with her new ocular prosthesis. Reporter John Sharify and videographer Doug Burgess from King 5 have been following Arlene Arcely for the last 3 months through this process.

The story aires tomorrow, November 18th at 5pm on King 5 TV. Tune tomorrow to watch it live, or we will be posting it to our website after it aires.

Two Artificial Eye Wearers Seek to Make Video Cameras of their Prosthetics

Monday, October 10th, 2011

It often seems that what we see in movies and TV, especially sci-fi, have a big impact on the direction of scientific progress. We have been following these 2 individuals for awhile now, and it seems that both are making progress.

Tanya VladicTanya Vlach, a popular visual artist in San Francisco lost her eye due to a car accident in 2005. Since this time, she has hatched a plan to create an artificial eye webcam. She sought out funding and found it and is on her way to her dream.

Rob SpenceRob Spence, a Canadian documentary film-maker also shares this same dream. He has created a blog titled Eyeborg Project and has been successful in placing a small videocamera in his prosthetic and transmitting the video wirelessly to a handheld device. He has also come up with an ingenious way of turning on the camera. Read his latest new story. His blog has an amazing video he put together looking into current and future possibilities for eye, leg and arm prosthetics. Fascinating stuff!