Should You Wear An Eye Patch After Surgery?

Many patients have inquired about wearing an eye patch during the recovery period after an enucleation or evisceration surgery. A clear conformer is worn during this time until the tissue swelling has reduced enough to be fit with the final ocular prosthesis. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks after the surgery until the swelling reduces and the final prosthesis can be made. During this time, patients have worn eye patches, bandages, placed stickers or tape on their glasses or worn sunglasses. In general, we want to make sure the swollen tissue has the opportunity to heal as quickly as possible. This usually means leaving it uncovered whenever possible. Having a fabric or paper eye patch covering the socket can promote swelling, as the patch can act like a humidifier. We recommend that if a patient chooses to wear an eye patch, they remove it when possible to allow the healing to continue quickly. And, of course, you should follow all directions of your surgeon or medical provider.

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